Greg Schoenbachler and Ed Danzer co-founded LM Solutions to promote movement and counteract the adverse effects of injury or aging. More often than not, coping with physical ailments means adapting to an environment that is incompatible with your needs. Spending time with friends and loved ones, traveling and being independent becomes much more difficult. Greg and Ed have collaborated for years to develop equipment that would help those struggling with limited mobility get their active lifestyles back. 

LM Solutions was formed after an accident left Greg with partial paralysis. Our products are designed and used regularly by Greg to stay active and live comfortably. Visit our products page to learn more about up and coming assistive equipment, or contact us directly for more information. 


How can we help you? Call or email with questions or comments, or for more information about our products.  

Innovating fun and function for people with limited mobility.


We customize and design products to make them accessible and comfortable for those with limited mobility.

If you have paralysis from Stroke, SCI, TBI, MS or other neuroogical conditions, Activity Based Therapy in your home may benefit you.